Genesus is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Chunyan Zhang, PhD to the position of Geneticist.  

Since receiving her PhD in 2010, Chunyan has worked in Dr. Graham Plastow’s program at Livestock Gentec, University of Alberta as a postdoctoral fellow and most recently as a research associate.

She has been actively engaged in several R&D projects focusing on genetic and genomic approaches to improving economically important traits in pork production. She has worked collaboratively with pig genetic companies in the conduct of industry-driven R&D projects.

In her new role, Chunyan will develop and conduct internally and externally funded R&D projects focused on increasing pig genetic improvement through incorporation of genomic technologies. As a member of the Genesus genetic program team she will collaborate with other team members and university personnel on R&D projects and technical services. Additionally, she will provide direct supervision and support to Genesus nucleus herds located in China and Asia as well as providing technical support for the Genesus sales team in China and Asia.

“We look forward to Chunyan’s contributions to our programs. We have worked collaboratively with her on several successful projects at Livestock Gentec. Her skill set, experience, and desire to be involved in the pork industry make her an excellent choice for this position. Our genetic improvement and R&D programs continue to expand and finding the right people to support and move these programs forward is a key to the future of Genesus” says Dr. Bob Kemp, Vice President of Genetic Programs and R&D.

Chunyan holds Bachelor and Doctoral degrees from Huazhong Agricultural University in China. She was awarded a Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Alberta from 2014 to 2016. She has published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Chunyan resides in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and two children.

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