Genesus World Mega Producers

Every year for the past six years Genesus has published the list of World Mega Producers. To be a Mega Producer you must have over 100,000 sows in production with significant pig ownership.

Over the past six years the World Mega Producer list has become a foremost industry measurement. The number of producers has grown and many reach out to us to ensure their listing be included.

This year’s World Mega Producer was put together by Spencer Long and Genesus management from around the world. It takes time and effort and I wish to thank all. A testament to world industry interest is the fact that on some industry websites it’s the most read announcement annually.

2024 World Mega Producer

More from World Pork Expo

  • Good to see efforts on increasing Pork demand from the National Pork Board. The new focus on taste and nutritional attributes are needed to increase Pork demand. The days of racing to the bottom chasing Chicken “The Other White Meat” seem to be over with the realization Beef The Other Red Meat needs to be our target. Consumers prefer Red Meat. Beef carcass cut-out $3.19 lb. with Pork cut-outs $1.01 lb. Best to chase Beef and be the alternative.
  • The prolapse issue our industry was highlighted by Boehringer Ingelheim swine team at the expo. They were giving out little stuffed pigs that when you squeezed them the little pig prolapsed. Sad testament to our industry that the issue has now become a little joke. Boehringer Ingelheim is trying to develop a vaccine to fix a genetic issue. Prolapse Is Coming. Genetic companies that know what they are doing, don’t have endemic prolapse issues.
  • Discussion regarding GMO – Gene Editing in pigs was discussed. Several swine genetic companies are reluctant to pursue with the fear of what legislation and consumer acceptance could be globally. Some packers we spoke to said they are not in support of GMO – Gene Editing for fear of what it could do to already weak Pork Demand. Paylean (Ractopamine) was and is legal, there was no domestic pushback on its use. China banned it and Paylean market disappears. With Paylean when market use ended, it ended immediately, it was easy to stop. What happens with GMO – Gene Edited pigs? You have them in your production system. Customer resistance happens, what do you with these pigs? It’s not like Paylean where you can just stop putting in feed. Is the genetic company selling GMO – Gene Edited pigs at a big premium going to guarantee a market and with no price discount? If genetic company believes there will be no issue market or regulatory, why would they not stand behind the product with guarantees?


This past week Lyle Jones, Genesus China Director of Sales wrote a very good update on China in the Genesus Global Market Report. The rapid increase of prices in China leading to Market Hogs at $1.20 lb. plus liveweight and early weans over $100 reflect the consequence of sow liquidation in China. Higher prices in China will lead to increased China Pork Imports supporting U.S., Canada, Mexico, EU, Brazil, etc. hog prices.

Genesus Global Market Report – China, June 2024


North America hog market continues to be challenged. We have gotten somewhat profitable due to hog prices in the low 90’s and feed prices subsiding. Iowa State University estimated returns farrow to finish this year.

 Estimated Selling Price (Carcass)Cost of Production (Breakeven) CarcassProfit (Loss) per head
January68.93¢ lb.89.22¢ lb.-41.08
February76.87¢ lb.88.84¢ lb.-24.25
March82.95¢ lb.87.80¢ lb.-9.82
April89.70¢ lb.86.78¢ lb.+5.91
May91.87¢ lb.86.38¢ lb.+11.13

Year to date farrow to finish is negative. Currently Lean Hog futures October until June is all below 86.38¢ lb. breakeven. Not exactly a positive outlook. We still expect lower hog numbers coming the results of sow liquidation and new PRRS breaks. China hog price jump will lead to further Pork imports there. Less hogs some more global demand will pull hog prices higher. It is not a long-term solution we need to fix our Pork taste issues which is leading us to continue to have Pork prices lag Beef prices to our industry’s detriment.

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