The First Power in Genetics

Genesus Genetic Program

Genesus is the world’s largest independent producer of high health registered purebred swine in the world owning over 80% of all registered purebred breeding stock in Canada. Our sole focus is Non-GMO swine genetic improvement built on factors that improve our customer profitability:

  • Sow Reproduction
  • Feed intake and growth performance,
  • Natural disease challenges resistance
  • Carcass and Meat Quality

The Genesus genetic program utilizes 100% heterosis and breed complementarity by implementing Genomic Evaluation using both commercial and nucleus data and Genomic Selection strategies focused on productivity, faster growth, efficiency, and high yield. Genesus believes in the pedigree purebred with large registered purebred populations of Landrace, Yorkshire, and Jersey Red Duroc that ensures uniformity through cross-breeding.

Genesus Meat Quality Commitment

We have long felt that the pork industry needs to make a better product, a product that more people want to eat more often. To reach this pinnacle, Genesus has worked tirelessly, over the last three decades, using planned selection and genomic data evaluation systems for carcass composition, marbling, pH, and meat color.

As a result, the Genesus Duroc Terminal sired pigs is dominating in independent studies on growth rate, feed conversion and carcass characteristics. Genesus has the leading-edge production, and pork which is darker with more marbling and higher PH – The Total Package

Research on swine nutrition for producer increased profit

Genesus uses ultra-modern research facilities that utilize automatic feed recording equipment and a research protocol that includes bi-weekly weighing, live pig ultrasound testing, and packing plant carcass evaluation. By doing this research we give our customers the opportunity to significantly reduce feed costs per ton and to maximize Genesus specific production advantages

Genesus market pigs exhibit higher feed intakes than most other genotypes and thus Genesus has focused on maintaining feed intake at status quo and selecting for pigs that grow faster. This allows the Genesus pig to improve FCR, yet handle stressors (i.e. diseases challenge, out of feed events, management, etc.) it encounters because of its’ good appetite.

The three-breed Genesus Commercial pigs are strong, fastest-growing in the industry with exceptional carcass quality.

The consistency of the Genesus Commercial pig is a key driver for our customer profitability – the ultimate bottom line of our genetic program success.

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