Genesus has focused on maintaining feed intake at the status quo and selecting for pigs that grow faster. This allows the Genesus pig to improve on FCR, yet handle stressors it encounters.

Understanding how to feed an animal to its appetite and nutritional needs is critical to profitability.

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Kansas State Develops Lysine Calculator for Genesus Grow-Finish

At Genesus we know we have unique genetics. Our Pigs have higher appetite, faster growth, better pork quality, lower mortality, and higher income over feed costs. A pig that can make you more profit.

In this time of high feed costs, genetics that can use a lower cost for a ton of feed is an advantage. Genesus does that, but we were being continually challenged that our recommended rations were very different than all other genetics.

How could Genesus use rations that were so much cheaper per ton? To help rectify that challenge Genesus engaged Kansas State’s World recognized Swine Nutrition team to analyze all of Genesus’ extensive nutritional research. As you can see from the below Kansas State press release and Lysine calculator, the verification of Genesus Nutrition Specifications. Income Over Feed Costs is what matters.

Please find link below to download the full excel spreadsheet Lysine Calculator for Genesus Pigs provided by Kansas State.