The 2022 World Mega Producer continues to show the general trend of the big getting bigger. The one exception is the significant decline of some of the publicly traded China producers. A combined 1,100 million sow decline year over year in Wens, Zhengbang and New Hope companies; a reflection, in our opinion, of the financial losses China’s swine industry faced in the second half of 2021 and continues in the first part of 2022.

In total, the Genesus World Mega Producer list for 2022 of producers with over 100,000 sows shows little change from 2021. The main difference is the addition of four new companies with over 100,000 sows.
There are approximately 80 million sows in the world. 2022 World Mega Producers are at 16,072,164 sows. Farmer arithmetic, 20% of the world’s sows are with Mega Producers, still, 80% of all sows are not.
Pork continues as the world’s most eaten protein. We are in an industry that as demand grows will continue to move forward.