$16.06 per ton is the current competitive edge in average finisher diet costs for Genesus pigs compared to those of PIC pigs. We have done our homework. Over the past 3 years, we have completed 13 trials involving over 25,000 nursery and finisher pigs to determine our optimal dietary requirements. We have published the results in our Genesus Feeding Guidelines book and on our website www.genesus.com.

The opportunity to feed a less expensive diet while still achieving excellent growth and lower mortality is a game-changer.

Following is two sample feeding programs; one based on our recommended specifications for Genesus finisher pigs, and the other based on PIC recommended specifications for their pigs (55-290 lbs)

What is $16.06 a ton worth to you a year?

Assumptions: Corn – $144/ton ($4.03 bushel); Soymeal 46.5% – $397.60/ton; Corn DDGS 7% – $220/ton; C.W. Grease – $645/ton. See tables below for diet details and costs.

Genesus Sample Diets (Mixed Sex)

PIC Sample Diets (Mixed Sex)

Genesus Feed Specifications Research

Conducted at Rock Lake Research Facility in Minnesota over the past 3 years:

  • 13 individual trials, wean to finish;
  • Over 25,000 animals completed trials;
  • All Genesus F1 female x Genesus Duroc.

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