For the last five years Genesus has undertaken the task to identify the World’s MEGA Producers (operations with 100,000 sows or more). Over that time there has been and ebb and flow of companies and sow numbers with swings up and down as much as 650,000 sows. The swine industry has its cycles. Currently this May financial losses are significant in Asia (China) and North America.

Europe on the flip side has gone from major financial losses and liquidation of its sow herd in 2021-22 to current record high prices.

We expect a major rebound in the economic fortunes of the swine industries in Asia (China) and North America over the coming months.

Our industry is Global. We don’t believe the hog industry in any country is not affected by International events of supply, demand, health, politics and macroeconomics. Now more than ever all these implications affect us all financially. It’s a World Market.

Jim Long President – CEO Genesus

Genesus is one of the world’s major swine genetic companies with genetic production in 11 countries and sales in over 40.

Genesus has supplied swine genetics to 21 of this year’s World Mega Producer companies.

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