China Swine Industry Science Report


In 2016, China Swine Industry Science jointly conducted a data comparison of purebred performance among five selected breeding programs in the period of January to December 2016. The purpose was to compare the strength of swine genetics of three breeds (Duroc, Yorkshire, and Landrace) sourced from five countries and five genetic companies: USA (Whiteshire Hamroc), Canada (Genesus), Denmark (Danbred), France (Nucleus), and the United Kingdom (JSR).

No doubt that Genesus dominates the results of this extensive study done independently by China Swine Industry Science. Definitely better growth and more pigs per litter. Genesus supplied 42% of all breeding swine imported to China in 2016. The China market recognizes the better performance of Genesus. The China Swine Industry Science Report is an affirmation of this reality.

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