MIhai Lupu, Sales and Techical Support, Genesus

We are pleased to welcome Mihai Lupu  to our Manitoba Sales and Technical support team !

Mihai is originally from Romania, has a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science and for the last years has worked both in USA and Canada, where had the opportunity to experience different swine production stages

He participated in an extensive 2 years Manager Trainee program with Smithfield US and managed a 900 sow Finish to Farrow operation in Ontario, Canada. He also had the chance to learn more about the operation of a boar stud by working with Total Swine Genetics for the last year.

“My goal was to learn and understand every sector from this industry, and later use this knowledge as a tool to better understand the needs of my client, and help him maximize his production potential” -Mihai Lupu-

 Mihai’s Contact Information:
 P: + 1 (204) 291 8420
 E: mlupu@genesus.com

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