Genesus is a Global Genetic Company. Agro Eco is a producer in Russia. The results below are from Genesus Duroc bred to Genesus Yorkshire/Landrace F-1’s. The farm is 2,700 sows farrow to finish on one site.

Agro Eco is getting excellent results, a testament to their expertise of their swine production team and Genesus.

Average age at first mating230days
Mating weight320>lb.
Backfat of replacement gilts at mating0.63 – 0.71In.
Farrowing rate90%
Total born per litter16.97Piglets
Live born per litter14.92Piglets
Born alive per litter for 1st parity13.51Piglets
Replacement % per year52%
Replacement gilts coming on heat95%
Mortality at farrowing9%
Weaned per sow/per year33.35Piglets
Average weaning age23days
Average weaning weight15.9lb.
Nursery mortality1.7%
ADWG nursery19.15oz
Finisher mortality2.9%
ADWG finisher31.75oz
Nursery + finisher mortality4.6%
Average slaughter weight289lb.
Average slaughter age180days
Whole Herd FCE (Including Sow Feed)2.75lb.
Space per Pig Nursery2.7sq. ft
Space per Pig Finisher6.46sq. ft
Sold lb./sq. ft at finisher (net area)1345lb.
Sold lb./sq. ft Nursery and Finisher1113lb.
Weight sold/per sow/per year9186lb.
  • Gilts averaged 230 days and 320 lb. at the time of first mating.
  • Average born alive from gilt litters is 13.51
  • Average liveborn per litter is now 14.92 and
  • Piglet mortality is 9%
  • A total of 33.35 piglets weaned per sow per year.
  • Average weaning weight for the 13.57 weaned per sow farrowed is 15.9 lb. at 23 days.
  • Litters per sow per year is 2.457 giving a 148.5 day average sow cycle time. With the 23 day weaning and 6 days wean to mating this means an excellent 4.5 empty days per cycle.
  • Due to the higher than expected breeding performance, both nursery and finisher are tightly stocked with space per pig of 2.7 sq. ft in Nursery and 6.46 sq. ft in Finisher. Even at these very tight stocking rates growth rates are good.
  • Pigs reach 289 lb. liveweight at 180 days from birth.
  • Wean to finish mortality is 4.6% and pigs show very few signs of vice.
  • Whole herd feed conversion rate, including sow feed is 2.75

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