Canada’s Ag-Minister Ritz Announces Genesus Breeding Stock Sale to Russia

At the Canada-Russia forum held June 1st in Ottawa, Canada’s Agricultural Minister Gerry Ritz in the presence of Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Victor Zubkov announced the largest sale ever of High Health Registered Swine breeding stock to Russia from Canada.During the Forum, Ritz announced that the Manitoba firm Genesus Inc. conducted an agreement to ship 4,100 live swine to Russia in a deal worth $5 million” Feedstuff’s Ian Elliot – June 6, 2011. Jim Long President-CEO Genesus Inc. was a speaker at the Forum on the behalf of Canada’s Swine Industry. “Genesus has previously sent several thousand breeding swine to Russia. Our co-operation with Kubanskiy Bacon to establish a jointly managed nucleus-multiplication system is a natural development for Genesus’ growth in Russia. Genesus is deeply committed to evolving a genetic program in Russia that mirrors the excellence of Genesus’ North American system” Jim Long – June 1st Ottawa.
Jim Long, President-CEO Genesus Inc., Canada’s Ag-Minister Gerry Ritz, Kubanskiy Bacon’s owner Vasily Tolstopiatov and Mike Van Schepdael Vice-President Genesus Inc. Kubanskiy Bacon’s new swine barn facilities in Russia

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