Carcass Competition
Lethbridge AB Expo Days 2018

Last week there was a major Carcass Competition Lethbridge AB Expo Days. The competition was judged by a senior official of a major Canadian packer, and there were 22 entries from all the major genetic companies.

Genesus customers won with 4 of the top 5 with Big Bend Colony on 1st place and Elmspring Colony 2nd . Both Producers run a 100% Full Genesus Program achieving year after year top production results

– 2018 Big Bend Testimonial –
” Genesus is good all the way!” ( 30.37 PSMY)

– 2018 Elmspring Testimonial-
“From our experience working with Genesus, has been very positive. The sows have great mothering abilities. The sows eat well, milk well and produce excellent weaning weights. The animals grow quickly, convert feed well, have good livability and are tough. The animals are easy to work with. The finish product produces excellent quality pork. Genesus pigs are the consumers #1 choice, also the packers top choice of Genetics.” (27.51 PSMY)

The criteria for the judging consisted of 7 categories, with maximum of 10 points for each category – Index (using Maple Leaf Lethbridge Grid); Carcass Weight; Back Fat; Loin Eye Size; Belly; Loin Marbling.

We congratulate all the winners !

Indeed, there were Red Sires from the other genetic companies in the Lethbridge competition though,all fell short in delivering the combination of back fat, loin eye marbling and colour.
Currently Genesus has the largest Duroc herd in the world with over 4,000 Duroc sows in production globally. Size, scale, quality.

There are Red Sires and then there are Genesus Registered Durocs !

Stewart Watson, Genesus Inc. (left) Big Bend and Elmspring Colony (awarded 1st place and 2nd respectively in the Lethbridge Pork carcass competition) and Art Goelema, Genesus Inc. (right)

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