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COSTA FOOD GROUP is recognized as a Global Mega Producer for 2019.

The origin of the COSTA FOOD GROUP is linked to Piensos Costa, a leading company in the Spanish pork industry founded in 1966 in Fraga (Huesca). The business began its activities by trading grain; since then, it has applied models of integration, expansion and growth that have allowed it to strengthen its position as a swine industry leader. Its first foray into integration with pig farming marked the beginning of an innovative business model that still lives on today with Piensos Costa providing shared service coverage to farmers (the supply of animals and feed, veterinary monitoring, etc.). Today, Grupo Empresarial Costa, which includes the meat-producing holding COSTA FOOD GROUP, operates in 107 countries and has an annual turnover of $880 million.

COSTA FOOD GROUP, the meat-producing holding of Grupo Empresarial Costa, is a leader in the domestic and European agribusiness sectors. It is made up of Piensos Costa, Costa Food Meat, Villar, Casademont and La Nuncia brands.

Since 2018, Piensos Costa has been nominated among Genesus-National Hog Farmer’s sponsorship select group of Global Mega Producers, a list comprising 31 operators around the world with over 9 million sows.

Costa’s international expansion plan is based on a model of strategic partnerships with local companies to work together in areas such as technology, sales, legal aspects and logistics, for example the recent successfully implemented by Casademont in Russia.

Costa Food Group numbers:

  • 880 million dollars expected aggregate turnover in 2019
  • 38.5 million dollars investment to be implemented in 2019
  • 107 countries exported to
  • 8,820,000 lb/day of feed 170 t/hr of feed
  • Over 650 integrated farms
  • 30,000 tons processed meat/year
  • 120,000 sows- adding 10,000 more sows by the end of 2019
  • 287 million pounds of pork processed/year
  • 3,000,000 market hogs/year
  • Over 1,250,000 Serrano hams/year

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