Dabaco of North Vietnam Imports Boeing 747 Load from Genesus

DABACO GROUP, based in the North of Vietnam, is multi field group of which specializes mainly on animal feed, cattle and poultry breeding and food processing. In addition, Dabaco also invests in building industrial zones, urban zone facilities and infrastructure, and real estate. Dabaco is proud of being the first name in animal feed in Vietnam and being one of the ten biggest enterprises specialised in animal feed nationwide.

Formerly founded from state-owned enterprises in 1996 and an IPO in 2005, Dabaco has since made outstanding achievements in developing chain value from breeding, animal feed, contracted farming, and meat processing.

Genesus is proud of its long relationship with Dabaco and its staff, as well as the high level of pig performance they achieve by using Genesus breeding stock.  Genesus pigs are known for their ability to perform in the hot and humid climates of S.E. Asia, enhanced by the high feed intakes of the breeding stock and their progeny.

This 747 charter is Dabaco’s fourth import of registered purebred Genesus Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc breeding stock.

Genesus is the largest breeder of high health registered purebred swine in the world. Genesus is also the global leader in exports of proprietary swine genetics.


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