Mercedes Vega, General Director for Spain, Italy & Portugal

This summer we have had prices below compared with two previous years and we are very much on par with 2015. The actual market price is € 1,225 / kg live against € 1,389 / kg in 2017.

However, slaughter weights are higher than in the last five years, 106.09 kg compared to 105.45 kg in 2017 and 103.2 kg in 2015.

This is because, on the one hand, we had a summer that started with high temperatures much later than other years; and on the other hand, the market turns from Pietrain sired pigs to Duroc sired pigs.

The market is also looking at more toward a more efficient pig which includes higher meat quality.

Currently the packers are losing money, while the producers are earning around € 19 per pig, if we take as a reference the cost of production from the first semester of 1.05 to 1.1 € / kg liveweight.

In addition to this situation, we must acknowledge that this year supply and demand is more or less balanced. Unlike other summers, the sales of hogs have been relatively even: the weight has been compensated with the higher number of pigs slaughtered.

All this has led to a non-agreement between the Mercolleida Market’s participants, pig producers and packers. They had to resort to the Governing Board in order to arbitrate the price reference. The industry wants to stop the losses’ while the producer tries to prevent future losses, but in fact the whole industry is facing a balanced supply and demand.

“Las Lindes Farm” Opening Ceremony

Yesterday, Genesus had the honor and pleasure of attending the inauguration of a new swine farm – “Las Lindes”, located in Gallur (Zaragoza) Spain. This brand-new project belongs to Bopepor Group. The company is involved in processing and packing over a million feeder pigs/year (6 to 20 kg piglets) which are exported to over 50 countries.

More than 70 industry people attended the ceremony and toured this state-of-the-art unit.

This is a 2,500 sows farm with cutting-edge technology, designed and built to achieve quality production while complying with the European animal welfare regulations. The barns were designed to have cleaner environment. The animals will be housed in optimal facilities, as well as the farm staff can work in excellent conditions.

Genesus is very proud to power this new pork project with a full genetic program. Both Genesus gilts and Genesus Duroc boars will start being to the farm starting Monday September 17, in order to achieve a very competitive and high-quality product.

The final product will be processed in Bopepor’ own packing plant and distributed to Spain’s domestic market, Asia and European countries.

Genesus Inc., based in Canada, is a world leader in hyper prolific gilts being produced from the largest registered purebred herd in the world. Our product is based on 25+ years of science and data that transfers into real results.

Bopepor chose Genesus pigs, for their litter size, growth rate and exceptional meat quality.
We would like to congratulate Bopepor for their new project.

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