On October 22, 2018, Genesus signed a full package of Import Sales, Genetic Service Support and Marketing agreements with Zheng Ao Group.

Zheng Ao group is the first Agri-business company to import foreign swine genetics into Yangyuan county of Zhangjiakou city, Hebei Province, China.

Zheng Ao plans to set up a modern 1500 head GGP farm which will import 808 head of Purebred Registered Canadian Swine Genetics directly from Genesus Inc., of Winnipeg, Canada.

Genesus will supervise and direct the Genetic Program under the Genetic Service Agreement signed by the two parties.

The GGP farm will supply a 4800 head GP farm which will produce F1 gilts for Domestic Sales under the Genesus Marketing Agreement. According to reports, the local government wishes to support Zheng Ao by establishing a slaughter house also in Hebei province.

China is an important market for Swine Genetics Companies like Genesus, with over half the pigs in all the world. Also, the Pork industry in China is undergoing a rapid transformation from backyard pig production to large scale modern facilities therefore China is looking towards developed countries like Canada for new technologies and higher quality.

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