We are excited to announce Genesus has purchased Porc-Ex France.

Genesus started collaboration with the Porc-Ex group about a year ago in pursuance to develop the European market. During this past year it became clear it would make sense for Genesus to take over the company in France, including their dedicated team, all in order to give Genesus an even better access to the European market

Genesus SARL will give Genesus a further base in Europe through which we can create a strong European presence and get closer to the local market and customers. With our existing, successful team in Europe and now having the French team join, we can build a strong Genesus Europe team and keep developing sales and production. Europe has 11 million sows.

During this past year the French team has shown strong commitment towards Genesus and the market has shown ready for our Duroc and maternal lines.

From left: Bob Kemp, Aurélie Trémaudant (Administration), Philippe Malletroit (Manager, sales, technical service), Helena Echberg, Philippe Eonnet (Sales, technical service), Valerie Peyrous (Sales, technical service)


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