Glenmarshal Sires Ltd. to market Genesus Breeding Stock and Semen in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

From left to right: Piotr Stenka and William Healy of Glenmarshal, Paul Anderson and Simon Grey of Genesus, Trevor Shields and Lynne Flynn of Glenmarshal, and Jim Long of Genesus at Glenmarshal Sires

Leading porcine genetic supplier Glenmarshal Sires Ltd. (Glenmarshal Sires) and Genesus Inc. (Genesus) have recently extended their partnership to grow the UK and Ireland market.     

Genesus (which is the world’s largest population of registered purebred Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc), and Glenmarshal Sires, both already have a substantial presence in Great Britain.  The two companies have been working in partnership since May 2015 to produce Genesus semen for global partners and local sales in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland (ROI), England, and Scotland. During these last 7 years their local businesses has grown and helped to establish the Genesus brand not just in the UK and ROI but in many countries in Europe, Asia and China.   During this time the partnership has developed and gone from strength to strength.

Genesus is proud to announce that Paul Anderson (Genesus) and Trevor Shields (Glenmarshal Sires) have signed a marketing agreement between the two companies, to further expand our presence in the UK and ROI markets.  The agreement is to establish Genesus porcine semen production in Great Britain (GB) in addition to the 2 studs currently in operation by Glenmarshal situated in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Glenmarshal Sires sales team will be selling the complete Genesus Genetics Package, A.I., boars, purebred and F-1 gilts.

The planned increase in the sales presence is to match the fast-expanding Genesus breeding stock pyramid in GB to reach 4,500 GGP & GP registered purebred sows in full production by April 2023.

Both companies have the same vision to produce pork that consumers desire, by offering them an exceptional eating experience through taste, flavour and tenderness, which can be produced at a competitive cost of production.

Together we believe that Pork quality is important and the driver of income growth for our industry.

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