Genesus and Kaiyong Group Strategic Alliance

Genesus is proud to announce a strategic alliance with Kaiyong Group in Gaoping City, Shanxi Province, P.R. of China.

Kaiyong group has extensive business in mining and livestock feed manufacturing as well as pig production. Kaiyong has several large barn construction projects underway including 20 x 10,000 head finishing barns and large sow units.

The large Genesus GGP herd that will be imported in early 2019 will serve for the genetic base for their own production as well as sales by Genesus China to other producers. Kaiyong and Genesus will work extensively together to produce the highest quality breeding stock in China.

Genesus has the world’s largest registered purebred herd, producing only registered York, Landrace and Duroc animals. Genesus has production and representation in over 20 countries globally and has been the largest exporter of swine breeding stock to China over the past 5 years.


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