Genesus china market share Jan5 In a market like China’s, to be more competitive you must search out the best methods and technology to survive and prosper. One of these technologies is genetics. Genesus China has been selling, providing technical and genetic support over the last four years. In that time, our Chinese customers have had good success. Customers are always the best salesmen. According to a recent report from China official import documents, Genesus is number 1 with 36% market share, followed by Denmark at 30%, USA at 14%, United Kingdom and France each at 10%.   The Netherlands (re: Topigs – Norsvin—Hypor) 0%. Having more pigs that grow, have tasty meat, and don’t die is a recipe for Genesus’ success in China especially combined with strong technical support. Genesus is proud of our continued success and the support of our loyal customers in China. China: it is the pork powerhouse of the world with over 51% of the world’s population of pigs raised within China.  

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