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Recently PIC published trial results of PIC®800 – PIC®337. Genesus compares those trial results to Genesus Duroc.

PIC®800PIC®337Genesus Duroc
Total Head Starting Trial483483516
Total Head Observed at
End of Trial
Percent of Pigs that Started Trial but Were Not Observed at Trial End12.3%10.9%4.36%
Starting Weight (lbs.)707076.3
Ending Weight (lbs.)291.2291.2326
Average Weight Gain (lbs.)221.2221.2252.3
Average Daily Gain (lbs.)
Feed Conversion Ratio2.762.862.71

Using PIC’s most recent recommended diet specs and current ingredients cost, apparently, price per ton of prepared feed is $283.49 US.
Using Genesus recommended diet specs cost per ton of feed is $274.73 US.

Cost per pound of gain

PIC®800PIC®337Genesus Duroc

Genesus Better Growth ➜ Genesus Better Feed Conversion ➜ Genesus Lower Cost per Ton of Feed ➜ 2.00¢ to 3.50¢ per lb. lower cost of gain ➜ $5.00 plus per head Genesus Competitive Advantage

Genesus welcomes any trial to demonstrate our Competitive Advantage to increase your performance and profitability. Contact your Genesus Account Manager for more information.

Genesus vs PIC Feed Cost
Grow To Finish Corn Based Diets
Genesus Advantage $8.76 /Ton

Genesus Sample Corn Based Diets
(Mixed Sex)

PIC Sample Corn Based Diets
(Mixed Sex)

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