PRESS RELEASE APRIL 2013 – Oakville, Manitoba

Genesus expanding market to include ESTONIA

apr8-1Genesus is pleased to announce the signed contract between Genesus Inc. and oooClean Gen.apr8-2 Genesus will supply and operate the genetic component of the new state of the art facility. The farm is in an isolated location at Narva, Estonia right by the Russian border and about 120 miles (200 Kilometers) from St. Petersburg, Russia. The new production facility will utilize the latest technology in sow housing environmental design, including a filtered air system and production of apr8-3pelleted manure. It will meet and exceed all European Union regulations that pertain to swine production and the environment. The first phase of production is projected to be 125,000 head per year. The Clean Gen operation will be a primary nucleus and multiplication facility to supply Genesus swine genetics to the Balkans, Central Europe and Russian markets. “We at Genesus are pleased to do business with a company such as oooClean Gen, with their forward thinking attitudes and state of the art facilities. We foresee that this will be a profitable ongoing long term relationship that will benefit both parties.” – Jim Long, President & CEO Genesus Inc.

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