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Hog market : prices rise started!

Due to African Swine Fever (ASF), the Chinese breeding herd continues to decline sharply with effect increase imports of pork for China.

Clearly, many European exporters, including France, felt the positive effects of the Chinese FPA on their prices. Current of March, hog French market price has increased from 5 to 7 cts every week to finish at 1,333 € (1,498 $) per kg carcass weight at the last market on March 28th.

Since the beginning of the year the average price has increased by 16,2 cts (0,182 $) per kg carcass weight, more than 15 € per head. Dynamics is launched and according to many economists should continue several months. This was more than expected due to a ratio of market price to feed price at a very low level these last months. Let’s take advantage of this!

Piglets prices continue to rise, early weans (8 kg) and small pigs (25 kg) are wanted by buyers. In Brittany (main French pig production area) 8 kg piglet is now 22,91 € (25,74 $) per head and about 1,38 € (1,55 $) per kg liveweight for a 25 kg pig.

Culled sow price is still rising since beginning of 2019. Average price was 0,788 € per kg carcass weight in week 13 (0,744 € in week 01).

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