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Hog Market price : stable trend

Last week the general trend on the pig markets in Europe was rather stable on the prices while supply needs will gradually decrease during the holiday season. Slaughterings have been relatively strong in recent weeks.

In France, hog market prices have remained relatively stable since mid-November. This week the demand seems to be holding steady for the start of the week even if some slaughterhouses will reduce their activity on Christmas eve. On the last market of 19 December the price was 1.808 € per kg carcass weight.

In 2022 (50 weeks) the average carcass weight was a bit lighter than the last two years

2022 (50 weeks) : 95.24 kg
2021 (50 weeks) : 95.74 kg
2020 (50 weeks) : 95.89 kg

This year the hog market prices have been at a record level (1.719 € / kg at this date) compare to the past years (1.332 € in 2021 and 1.390 € in 2020). A such price was needed to offset record prices of the feed who stay still very high.

Due to less pigs in France and Europe, the prices should stay strong in 2023. Less pigs = better prices.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to all.

Source : Marché du Porc Breton

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