Philippe Mallétroit – Director for France and Africa

Hog Market

After two years of decline, the European pig inventory is stable. Due to excess slaughter capacity, slaughterhouses compete vigorously to meet their pork needs. Pork will be more expensive in the upcoming months. Waiting trade increase, packing plants use cold storage.

In France, needs from slaughterhouses were stronger from mid-February resulting in the price increase. During February, hog market price increase by 0.171 € per kg carcass. As observed elsewhere in Europe, the trend is towards the production of pigs heavier than the past year.

January1,938 €1,782 €-8,10%
February2,157 €1,854 €-14,10%
2 months2,048 €1,820 €-11,10%

In March, prices continue to climb: 1.961 € per kg carcass on 4th of March and 2.011 € (82.29¢ lb. liveweight USD) this last Thursday 7th of March. For this reason, there is an increase in the price of piglets, currently about 45 € for a 8 kg weaned piglet and about 70 € for 25 kg small pigs. Last week, some French producers from Southwest of France told me they had offers at 102 € for 25 kg liveweight pigs.

Today the feed price for finisher pigs is about 290 € per Ton, and feed prices should continue to fall. It is why French producers are quite optimistic for the upcoming months. Moreover, due to drop of the number of French and European pig producers the last two years, some producers think the future could be brighter than usual due to lack of pigs to come.

Source : Marché du Porc Breton

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