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Thailand cuts supplies

Thailand planned to cut 450,000 piglets from March to August in a bid to boost a live pig price that has been falling below the cost for more than a year.

The Thai Swine Raisers Association, national grouping of pig producers, called for pig farms with over 2000 sows to donate piglets weight ranging from 3-7kg (6.5-13 lbs.) to the association. The piglets are processed and prepared as suckling pigs for sales.

Started in March, nearly 20,000 piglets were removed from the farms. However, the price of live pigs is unlikely to increase. Despite the association’s attempt to raise the price in the first week of April, the price failed to move, reflecting that the surplus of live pigs and smuggled frozen pork remain rampant.

Demand for pork in Thailand is still sluggish as the country’s economy is growing only marginally.

Live pig price in Thailand in the first week of April ranges from THB 58-66/kg or USD 1.6-1.8/kg. The association data shows that the production cost is average at THB 80/kg or USD 2.2.


The price of the pig now is 59,000 – 60,000 vnd/kg in the North; 58,000 – 61,000 vnd/kg in the center; and 60,000 – 62,000 vnd/kg in the South. Average will be around 59,800/kg ($1.09 liveweight lb. USD). More detail, please see the link:

Pork consumption in Vietnam is 38.18kg (84 lbs.) and highest in Asia country (See picture).

Vietnam-China: Sign a memorandum of understanding to build a foot-and-mouth disease-free zone using vaccines (Source:

THACO AGRI: By 2024, it will develop the pig herd to over 136,000 heads, the cow herd to over 150,000 heads (Source:

Conference to deploy state inspection regulations on imported animal feed quality (Source:

Vietnam hosts the Global Swine Veterinary Conference



The first quarter of 2024 witnessed significant developments in the ongoing battle against African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Philippines. Despite concerted efforts by the government and industry stakeholders to control and mitigate the spread of the disease, challenges persist, underscoring the importance of continued vigilance and proactive measures.

Continued ASF Cases: ASF outbreaks were reported in several regions across the Philippines during the first quarter of 2024. Despite efforts to contain the disease, sporadic outbreaks occurred in both commercial and backyard farms, resulting in significant losses for swine farmers.

Impact on Swine Industry: The resurgence of ASF had profound implications for the swine industry, leading to decreased pork production, disruptions in supply chains, and increased production costs. Smallholder farmers, in particular, have been severely affected, with many struggling to recover from the economic losses incurred. However, the live-weight price remains stable and is expected to continue in the coming months.

As the ASF situation in the Philippines remains fluid, stakeholders are urged to remain vigilant and proactive in their efforts to prevent and control the spread of the virus. Enhanced biosecurity measures and strict adherence to quarantine protocols are essential to minimizing the impact of ASF on the swine industry.


The National Federation of Hog Farmers Inc. (NATFED) organized this year’s National Hog Festival 2024 that set a new Guinness World Record for having the most variety of pork dishes on display, after serving 313 pork dishes. It also aims to promote the food security, safety, sovereignty of the local agricultural sector, and tourism through food.

The three-day hog festival opened in Araneta City, Quezon City, on March 1, with a total of 341 pork dishes made it to the display area for the Guinness World Records representatives to scrutinize, count and consider. They were cooked and prepared by participating restaurants and culinary schools and showcased in long rows of pop-up booths. Out of the 341 dishes, only 313 dishes qualified according to the Guinness guidelines. Guinness World Records official adjudicator Sonia Ushiroguchi, together with hog industry experts, evaluated the dishes on display and awarded the new world record, thus making the attempt a resounding success and gave the Philippines another important world record.

The National Hog Festival 2024 celebrates the resilience, ingenuity, and cultural heritage of the Philippine swine industry amidst challenges. It serves as a platform for farmers, stakeholders, and enthusiasts to come together, exchange ideas, and showcase their achievements. Through festivities, education, and camaraderie, the festival honors the vital role of swine farming in the Philippines and inspires optimism for the industry’s future.

Hog Convention & Trade Exhibits (HOGCON) 2024 – Iloilo Philippines

I will be with Genesus Philippines who will be participating in the Hog Convention and Trade Exhibits at the Iloilo Convention Center Philippines from 18-20 Apr 2024. Come and learn how Genesus genetics can improve your pig herd performance, maximise your margin over feed costs and join us in improving the taste of pork by using the Genesus Jersey Red Duroc terminal sire to help increase pork consumption with the per capita consumption in the Philippines at 14.51kgs compared to Vietnam at 38.18kgs there is huge opportunity to sell more pork in the Philippines.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Sri Lanka

Genesus delivers the First Swine GGP shipment to Sri Lanka

Cargills, Sri Lanka’s leading retailer and processor of food, has taken steps to import GGP Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc breeding pigs for Genesus Southeast Asia from Genesus to upgrade its Chuti Duwa breeding farm in Marawila. The pigs completed their journey to Sri Lanka and arrived safely and in good condition on the 20th February 2024.

Cargills Established in 1844 as General Warehouse, Importers and wholesale operators at Fort An upmarket Departmental Store of yesteryear that catered to a limited clientele has been in the business of smallgoods processing since 1993, when it acquired a processed meat plant in Mattakuliya. Since then, its fully owned subsidiary Cargills Convenient Foods Limited has become the leading processed meats manufacturer in the country operating brands such as Goldi, Sam’s and Cargills Finest. These products are available at Cargills Retail stores, in other modern trade supermarkets, as well as in the general trade.

Through the import of live pigs, the company aims to support livestock farms in Sri Lanka as the Chuti Duwa breeding farm will act as a central hub, through which it will distribute animals of Genesus high genetic merit to smallholder livestock farmers in the country. This shipment, which will arrive through air cargo of Sri Lankan Airlines, will also improve the quality and availability of meat in the country. It will further support the Sri Lankan hospitality industry serve high quality pork to locals as well as tourists. Cargills is also a leading exporter of processed meat products such as bacon to India, bringing in foreign exchange for the County of Sri Lanka.

Cargills have chosen co-operate with Genesus Southeast Asia inc the exclusive marketer of Genesus genetics in Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka, Genesus has the World’s largest independent high health registered purebred swine herd for their ability to adapt to the high temperatures of the Asian Climate and ease of management.

The project managed by Paul Anderson, CEO of Genesus Southeast Asia Inc.  is providing Cargills with the in country and remote pig production technical support to ensure the mutual success of the genetics in Sri Lanka. Simon Oxby Genesus Southeast Asia Technical Support Manager is spending 2 weeks with the team at Cargills pre and post delivery to provide training and advice on how to get the best results from the Genesus breeding stock.

Genesus teams of geneticists and meat scientists have been the back-bone that has allowed hundreds of our customers to produce more than 25 Pigs Weaned per Sow in a calendar year and put our top herds over 30 PWSY. Our sire line genetics are based on science and data that transfers into real results for you, the Genesus customer.

Genesus nucleus primary genetics consist of purebred registered Yorkshire, Landrace and Jersey Red Duroc.

Pigs arriving in Sri Lanka

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