Allan Bentley, Genesus Sales & Technical Manager, USA

The Iowa Pork Congress is in our rearview mirror. There is always a lot to learn at that show. There are a lot of products to get weaned pigs to start quicker. Even more, products to improve their appetite. Everyone is working on products to improve feed intake. The results seem to be working. I saw the results in tables and graphs. The funny thing is they can do all of that by changing genetics. All those products and the great results of them were performed on any genetics except Genesus. But then all those companies would have nothing to sell I guess.

Markets are in the crapper. Can’t say anything else. We have lost $12 on Feb futures in 30 days. I believe we have found the bottom. Packers were at the show and many were looking for pigs. Bidding lower is not going to get the shackles filled. Exports have improved and the world has less pigs. China, as always, seems to be the talk.

Imports of pork to China will tell the real number of hogs they have. Even exports from the U.S. are going to be subject to world politics and how the dollar compares to other currencies. Let’s get through the next couple of weeks and markets, much like the temperatures will be improving. We are historically at the lowest temps of the year in the U.S. as I write this and I believe we are also at the lowest hog prices for 2023.

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