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Genesus is pleased to announce that gilts are now available for purchase as a part of our partnership with Catalana de Pinsos for the production of breeding stock in Spain from “La Tor Nucleus Unit”. With Catalana de Pinsos, we have been producing our Genesus high health pure maternal lines, and soon, our Genesus F1 gilts from “Raurell Multiplier Unit” for Spain and Europe.

Established in 1968 by the Ballus family, Catalana de Pinsos has farms dedicated to both purebred gilts and F1 gilts production. Their farms are located in isolation in the Pyrenees Mountains region of Catalonia, Spain.

CEO Manel Ballus, along with his General Manager Fermin Xixos, successfully oversee 13,000 sows of production. Catalana de Pinsos favour innovation, science, and efficiency in swine production and they have found it with Genesus for this project.

Genesus is happy to inform that we have gilts available for purchase from Catalana de Pinsos.

For more information, please contact Mercedes Vega:

Telephone: +34-630-61-7001



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