9th Delivery of Genesus
Registered Purebreds is Complete

Recently Genesus completed the 9th delivery of a 747 load of Genesus Registered Purebreds to Ariant Company of Chelyabinsk Russia. A city located 1,000 miles East of Moscow in the Ural Region.

Ariant Company is a fully integrated production marketing system with 55,000 sows, cropland, feed mills, packing plant, processing and 700 retail stores. Ariant uses Genesus Durocs, Yorkshire and Landrace, The Genesus pork they produce is a major draw in their own retail store, as it is noted for its excellent taste and flavor.

Genesus has the largest registered pure herd in the world and combines these pedigrees with an intensive genomically driven genetic program. Genesus is the largest swine exporter from North America.

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