Genesus Genetics Inc provides yet another Import of High Quality Registered Purebred Swine Breeding Stock to China. One Boeing 747 of Genesus breeding stock, imported by Ao Nong Group, arrived at Hunan Changsha Huanghua International Airport.

Aonong founded a feed milling business in 2011 and added its Pork Production system in 2014. Today, Aonong has over 20,000 sows in production with 14 pig farms located in 8 provinces within China. Plans are to continually increase its production to over 2 million commercial pigs by 2021.

China is an important market for Swine Genetics Companies like Genesus, with over half the pigs in all the world. Also, the Pork industry in China is undergoing a rapid transformation from backyard pig production to large scale modern facilities. China is looking towards developed countries for new technologies an higher quality Genetics. Genesus has imported more swine breeding stock to China than any other Swine Genetic supplier for last several years.

Aonong has entered into a Genetic Service Agreement with Genesus to assure close cooperation between the two companies. Genesus staff, will direct the Nucleus genetics program for this herd.

The goal is to produce Purebred Registered Canadian- Genesus Genetics in China of the same quality as those imported from Genesus Canada.

Genesus Trucks and Trailers at Chicago Airport for shipping to Aonong Group, China

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