Genesus Successful delivers to TQLS, China

Genesus is pleased to announce the delivery of a planeload of Registered Purebred breeding stock to our new client, TQLS, located in Sichuan Province, China.

TQLS is a large agricultural corporation based in Mianyang City. The company was founded 23 years ago by 6 people and $35,000 capital. Since then, it has grown into a billion dollar company with 51 subsidiaries and over 6000 employees. TQLS main divisions include livestock feed, livestock production, a technical center and TQLS College. TQLS is a large egg breeder and has the largest market share in table eggs in China and was the first to achieve HACCP identification in China.TQLS chose Genesus because of strong results in the Chinese market and the focus on meat quality, which it sees as a key driver for success in the future Chinese pork industry.

“We are very happy to be working with TQLS” said Mike Van Schepdael, VP of Genesus. “They are a very progressive company, with strong private ownership. Their goal of marketing a better-quality pork fits in well with our focus on meat quality.”Genesus is pleased to be part of this new 20,000 sow project in Sichuan province and look forward to their success and growth.  The production is part of a large scale economic development initiative in the area. 

Genesus Pigs arrival in China



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