Genesus Nursery and Finishing Data is compared to MetaFarms Production Summary. Genesus data is from a large USA grow-finish sample. MetaFarms is a summary of a variety of different genetics in single stocked closeouts. Genesus data is from Genesus Commercial herds using Genesus Duroc Sire and Genesus F-1 female. Genesus data outperforms MetaFarms summary on all production characteristics. Genesus is the Total Package.

* MetaFarms is a management record system with over 500 pork production companies in Canada and USA. MetaFarms and Genesus Data is anonymous to protect confidentiality.

Genesus Competitive Edge & Feed Conversion with the added advantage of $17.25 lower a ton in average finisher costs (55-290 lb. $) compared to PIC recommended rations. Genesus has more growth, lower mortality and lower feed costs.

Assumptions: Corn – $4.62/bushel; Soymeal 46.5% – $440/ton; Corn DDGS 7% – $212/ton; C.W. Grease – $710/ton. See tables below for diet details and costs.

Genesus Sample Diets (Mixed Sex)

PIC Sample Diets (Mixed Sex)

Genesus Feed Specifications Research

Conducted at Rock Lake Research Facility in Minnesota over the past 3 years:

  • 13 individual trials, wean to finish;
  • Over 25,000 animals completed trials;
  • All Genesus F1 female x Genesus Duroc.

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