Genesus Outperforms

Pig Champ is a leading database of U.S. swine production data. The table below – Genesus compared the PigCHAMP database mean and Top 10% for the calendar year 2022 data.

2022 Data *Genesus       MeanPigCHAMP USA MeanGenesus Top 10% AveragePigCHAMP USA Top 10% Average
Pre-Wean Mortality %12.19%15.82%4.90%9.98%
Pigs Weaned/Litter12.3912.0712.8813.15
Pigs/Mated Sow/Year 30.3125.1232.3831.71
Female Death rate %6.43%14.54%2.55%7.50%
 Data is per category, and won’t necessarily be linear *

It’s obvious a major advantage of Genesus is livability in both preweaning and female death loss. With the latest calculation of a dead sow costing $1000, the 8% difference in sow mortality is a major financial advantage for Genesus. Lower mortality in preweaning and sow death loss leads to an advantage of 5.19 pigs more per mated female a year. One fact – Dead Sows Don’t Give Pigs!

No doubt Genesus outperforms the industry average. If you want excellent overall production: Genesus is The Total Package.

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