The Vall Companys Group began in 1956. It is a Family-owned business in the agribusiness sector.

Size: 213,000 sows in production

Key figures 2017:

  • Sales: 1,600 million €
  • Production Meat Production (thousand MT)
    • Pork: 340,
    • Poultry: 135,
    • Beef: 13,
    • Cured ham 13
    • Processed foods 7
  • Production of pigs: 4.5 million heads
  • Production of poultry: 72 million heads
  • Production of feed 1.79 million MT
  • Flour: 470 thousand MT
  • Associated farms 2,100
  • Collaborators: 5,500

Activities: feed manufacturing, meat industry, animal production (swine, poultry and beef), flour milling, veterinary medicaments, merchandising and transportation.

Vall Companys also has three own slaughterhouses and four cutting rooms, generating more than 340,000 tons of fresh quality pork meat, which is exported to the most demanding international markets. 

Its companies Agroicesa, Agroturia, Gepesa and Valls produce the largest amount of pork not only in Spain but in Europe. In addition to white pig meat production, the Vall Companys Group produces and distributes fresh and processed Iberian pork and Duroc meat. The result is a complete range of Iberian and Duroc products, with the best meat quality for its consumers.

What makes them unique:

Development of an integration model, in which farmers provide facilities and labor. The rest of the services—animals, feed, veterinary control–are provided by the integrating company. The model was first used in the pork sector, and subsequently introduced in the poultry area. They are in all production chain

Congratulations to Vall Companys

From left to Right:
Fernando Ortiz – Ibera America Business Development, Genesus Inc
Mercedes Vega – Director of Sales Spain, Genesus Inc
Alfredo Castell, CEO, Agrocesa from Vall Companys Group (picture1)
Josep Armengol, General Director Agroturia from Vall Companys (picture2)

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