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Twenty-seven pork producers with each owing over 100,000 can claim the title of Global Mega Producers this year. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location.

AMVC, based out of Audubon, Iowa, has grown from a traditional veterinary clinic into a multi practice business and swine management business that has an impact across multiple states.

In 1993, AMVC Management Services began managing it first finish site, a two barn, 2,000 pig finishing operation.  Over time the number of sows and finishing spaces under AMVC’s management has continued to increase.  Today, AMVC has over 550 employees and twenty veterinarians on staff and a swine management presence in eight states, overseeing over 110,000 sows and 1.3 million market hogs. AMVC manages 32 sow farms that range in size from 1,200 sows to 10,000 sows.  

Genesus would like to congratulate AMVC for their accomplishment! 

Dr. Jason Hocker (right), veterinarian, AMVC and Dr. Derek Petry (left), Chief Development Officer, Genesus Inc.


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