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Vall Companys Group

Vall Companys is recognized as a Global Mega Producer for 2019.

The Vall Companys Group story began in 1956 as an agri-food family-owned operation. The company’s operational model is based on the integration of all stages of the production process. With 213,000 sows in production, Vall Companys is the largest European independent Mega Producer swine company.

What has made Vall Companys unique is the development of an integration model, in which farmers provide facilities and labour. The rest of the services -animals, feed, veterinary control- are provided by the integrating company. The model was first used in the pork sector, and subsequently introduced in the poultry area. They are in all production chain

Key figures:

  • Total sales: 1.8 billion dollars
  • Production meat (thousand MT)
  • Pork: 340
  • Poultry: 135
  • Beef: 13
  • Cured ham: 13
  • Processed: 7
  • Sows in production: 213,000
  • Production of pigs: 5.3 million heads
  • Production of poultry: 72 million heads
  • Production of feed: 1.79 million MT
  • Flour: 470 thousand MT
  • Associated farms: 2,100
  • Activities: feed manufacturing, meat industry, animal production (swine, poultry and beef), flour milling, veterinary medicaments, merchandising and transportation.
Photo left to right: Mercedes Vega, General Director for Spain, Italy & Portugal; Luis Pico, Sow Production Manager Vall Companys; and Jim Long, President-CEO, Genesus Inc.
Jose Quirino Cabañes Production Director and Alfredo Castell GM from Agrocesa with Mercedes Vega, General Director for Spain, Italy & Portugal for Genesus Inc

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