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  Welcome to the first Genesus global report for South East Asia, this is in-line with the continued growth of Genesus in this region. Vietnam In the first quarter of 2016, the situation of agricultural production difficulties due to extreme weather abnormalities such as bitter cold and freezing in the northern provinces; Drought, harsh saltwater intrusion in the southern provinces has affected agricultural production, especially farming activities, livestock. Pig production developed quite well, hog prices in the market after the Lunar New remained stable and profitable for farmers. Estimates of the total number of pigs nationwide in March 2016 increased by 2.3%; Output finisher hog the first quarter increased 3.9% compared to the same period last year Prices of live pigs in the Southeast and Mekong Delta provinces tend to rise in March as demand is increased pork consumption. Compared to the end of February, the price of live pigs rose 2,000-3,000 VND / kg up to 47,000 VND / kg. Pig price during this time in the north from 48,000-52,000 VND/kg and in the south from 47,500-48,500 VND/kg. According to statistics from the General Department of Vietnam, the import of feed and raw materials in 3/2016 reached 262 million, up 36.63% over the previous month and 45.97% decline over the same month last year. Genesus customer Austfeed continues to expand its GGP herd and feed producing capacity as it pursues its long term goal to be a food company, along with other companies either  expanding or new to the pig industry. Genesus customers are already producing in excess of 28 PWSY in this hot climate. Contact: Meggie Vo, Sales Representative Vietnam e-mail: Thailand Two month ago an FMD outbreak affected farms in west, east, north/north-east. The estimated number of sows affected in the west area alone is more than 70,000 sow. Thailand is aiming to make several provinces in the Eastern region an FMD Free zone, The OIE will send its team to inspect the proposed FMD Free zone this autumn before it decides whether to declare that it is a FMD Free zone. If this goes ahead it will stop the movement of pigs into the Eastern region, but create an excellent opportunity to set up some high health status herds capable of very efficient pig production. These healthy pigs will be able to more freely and enable the export of fresh pork to more Countries. The FMD outbreak has already reduced the pig supply so with less pigs on the market the live pig price has risen in April to 78 Thai baht/kg. Due to the extremely hot weather in the last few months causing a reduction in market weight from the usual spread of 100-130kgs down to 80-90kgs local producers believe this will keep the pig price high until at least the end of the year. Genesus customers are already producing in excess of 28 PWSY in this hot climate. We are pleased to announce that the company Adnova (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is representing Genesus in the Thai market. Contact:  Apichart Triyaworakul G M of Adnova e-mail: Malaysia Genesus has entered the Malaysian market, the demand for a high appetite, prolific female and a high feed intake, fast growing and high meat eating quality genetic proven in the hot Asian climate have been selected to replace the genetics that fail to achieve this. The first shipment will arrive early May 2016. This has been achieved with the experience of Hon Wai Tang  of the company Tong Fung Enterprise who is representing Genesus in Malaysia. Contact: Hon Wai Tang e-mail: Taiwan The latest official numbers were published in Nov 2015. We see a similar picture to many developing Countries, one thousand or more large-scale farmers (20.2 percent) control nearly 70% of the swine and the future “small” swine farmers will gradually withdraw from industry. Overall the total pig numbers have not changed much in the last 10 years. 11,000,000 pigs per year are produced by close to 600,000 sows.  Live pigs are sold at 110-120 kg and currently sold at around 2.2 USD/kg most pig farmers are achieving a 10-20% net margin. Taiwan is mature, stable with no new players coming to the market. Pig farmers are currently happy. However there is concern that US pork will arrive later on this year which will affect profitability and cause some producers to quit the industry. With this downward pressure on price coming and the overall lack of Genetic improvement within the small pedigree Taiwan breeders Genesus is about to enter this market to help increase profitability. Taiwan is currently producing an average of about 20 PWSY compared to the average Genesus customer in Asia producing 25.6 PWSY and the top 10% producing 28.2 PWSY. The Genesus market pig is famous for its fast growth and high meat quality. We are therefore pleased to announce that the company Evabiotech Ltd  is representing Genesus in the Taiwan Market. Contact:  Te Chung (TC) Wang, PhD MSc   e-mail: The high appetite and calm nature of the Genesus pig is consistently increasing our Asian customers PWSY with lower mortality and reducing the days to market. Customers managers much preferred the Genesus animals – a lot easier to manage and feed. In the hot climate especially this would be a huge advantage. This period of profitability in your region is the time to get your business in shape, I’m pleased on my travels to see a lot of conversions to closed and ventilation and cooling systems which will have a very positive effect. But don’t forget to invest in suitable genetics that perform in your climate also – Genesus can deliver on this.

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