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Russia’s leading meat-producer and supplier

Miratorg is Russia’s largest pig producer with a breeding base of 138,000 heads and a total of 400 thousand tons of pork marketed per year. Live pig production started in 2005 in the Belgorod Region of Russia and are currently in the process of doubling their pig production which is expected to be a 4 year project.

The company is fully integrated from field, live pig production including feed manufacture, slaughter and processing, including production of ready made meals and finally a chain of own brand supermarkets. Miratorg is one of the Russia’s largest employers in the agricultural sector of the economy, with more than 26,000 staff.

As well as pork production, Miratorg are also the largest beef producers in Russia with a production output of over 80 thousand tons. They produce also Chicken and frozen vegetables all in fully integrated models.

Sergey Kulikovski – Executive Director Miratorg and Simon Grey, General Manager Russia, CIS and Europe, Genesus Inc.

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