World Pork Expo Week

  This is the week of the World Pork Expo.  It’s a time for celebration of our industry.  We hope to see you there.  Visit us at the Genesus tent (same place as last year) we are always interested in your opinions.  It’s our research department!  We will report opinions and observations.

Farmers Most Favoured

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity recently completed a web based survey with 2,510 respondents.  The model is based on the U.S Centre for Food Integrity.  Some of the survey results were interesting.  Top eight viewed warm and favourable by half of or more of respondents. Farmers 69% Doctors/Nurse/Medical Professionals 65% Friends/Family 62% Humane Societies 59% Scientific/Academic Researchers 57% Dietitians 57% Teachers/Schools 53% Farmer Associations 52% Those viewed less warm and favorably include: Grocery Stores and Associations 39% Government or Government Agencies 35% Food Industry Associations 30% Farmers number more favourable compared to respondents family and friends.  This is powerful information.  The favourability is a huge benefit in gaining societal trust.  When food industry associations are at more than half less favourable then farmers we need to keep in mind that highlighting the actual farmers who own and raise the pigs is a win for our industry favourability and we believe market development. When Food Industry Associations are even lower than the Government in favourability, it tells us they have a lot of work to do. Also note Farmers are more warm and favourable than Humane Societies (by 10%). The 69% for Farmer in 2016 compares to 61% in 2012. Getting better! From the Report “Consistent with tracking data over the past 10 years, Canadians know very little or nothing about farming but still have strong opinions about many food system issues.  The dilemma and pressure points are between “the customer is always right” and the “experts and farmers know best” philosophies. In our opinion the high farmer warmth and favourable ranking is a big step to building more trust with the consumer.  Farmers are in lock step with many consumer issues quality nutrition, responsible animal care and environmental stewardship.  As an Industry we need to utilise the high warmth and favourable status of us farmers to build on our societal trust.


Last Friday lean hog futures for July and August reached life of contract highs with July 85.975 and August 85.875.  Nice to see.  The seasonality in hog numbers is beginning and combined with a lower U.S dollar it will only help push hog prices higher.  October closed at 70.575 Friday a price that is good for that time of year.  That price tells us that the average industry trader is not worried about enough packer capacity this fall. See you at the Expo.

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