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Last week we profiled the largest six World Mega Producers. As we continue tabulating the list of 49 world producers with over 100,000 sows now take a look at the next six mega producers 7 – 12.

7. JBS USA – Seara Foods – USA-Brazil – 2023- 531,358 sows (538,000 sows in 2023 World Mega Producer)

8. Triumph Foods – USA – 2023- 409,565 sows (403,304 sows in 2023 World Mega Producer)

9. BRF S.A. – Brazil – 2023- 340,000 sows (397,825 sows in 2023 World Mega Producer)

10. Seaboard Foods – USA – 2023- 336,000 sows (364,000 sows in 2023 World Mega Producer)

11. Sichuan Dekon Group – China – 2023- 333,200 sows (450,000 sows in 2023 World Mega Producer)

12. Techbank – China – 2023- 320,000 sows (300,000 sows in 2023 World Mega Producer)

The total herd size of these six producers was 2.269 million in 2023, in 2022, 2.432 million sows. A decline of 163,000 sows in 2023 compared to 2022. This compared to the first six mega producers collectively increasing 555,000 sows in 2023 from 2022.

The first six mega producers are headquartered in Asia. The next six in USA, Brazil, China.

JBS USA – Seara Foods

JBS USA represents the North American arm of JBS® S.A., the world’s leading animal protein processor with nearly 260,000 team members world-wide and over 300 production units. Headquartered in Greely, Colorado, JBS USA has 67,000 team members who provide more than 280 million daily meals to consumers across the globe.

JBS USA is the majority shareholder of Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. (Pilgrims), with operations in the United States and Mexico; the owner of Moy Park, a leading poultry and foods company in the United Kingdom and Europe; and the owner of Tulip Ltd, a pork and prepared foods company in the United Kingdom.

Seara Foods is a Brazilian food producing and processing company. Seara has 292,000 sows and in combination with JBS USA have 531,358 sows total. It specializes in production, processing and distribution of meat products. The company was founded on 1956. The company became the largest exporter of chicken in the country thanks to export its business of meat and poultry products to other continents like Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Far East. In turn, the company specialized in Brazilian and Latin American market with products such as sausage, bacon, hamburgers, ham, bologna and ready meals among others. In 2009, the Brazilian multinational corporation Marfrig Group acquired the company from Cargill Inc. and in 2013 Marfrig sold Seara Brasil (part of Seara Foods) to JBS the global protein leader. The company is also engaged in leather tanning, aluminum can production, industrial waste management, producing soap, glycerin, and biodiesel, and transportation, among others.

Triumph Foods

Triumph Foods, LLC was organized in 2003 by a group of the largest U.S. independent pork producers whose goal was to create a pork processing operation capable of recognizing the benefits of an integrated business model. With a workforce of over 2,400 today, Triumph Foods processes 5.2 million hogs each year generating 1.4 billion pounds of pork products with exports to 25 countries.

There are 5 producers/shareholders that process their pigs under the Triumph Foods umbrella:

•          Christensen Farms (140,000 sows);

•          The Hanor Company (82,500 sows);

•          Allied Producers’ Cooperative (67,565 sows);

•          Eichelberger Farms (62,500 sows);

•          New Fashion Pork (57,000 sows).


Marfrig Global Foods S.A. is now the majority shareholder of BRF S.A. after it increased its equity interest in the company. BRF S.A. is a multinational Brazilian company that owns a diverse portfolio of food products. BRF founded in 1934 holds 340,000 sows. One of the biggest food companies in the world, created from the between Sadia and Perdigao, two giants of food market. The Company’s sale segments include Brazil, Latin America

(LATAM), Middle East and North of Africa (MENA), Africa and other segments. These segments include sales of all distribution channels and operations subdivided into poultry, pork, processed, and other sales.

The pork and other operations involve the production and sale of in-nature cuts. The processed operations include the production and sale of processed foods, frozen and processed

products derived from poultry, pork and beef.

Seaboard Foods

Seaboard Foods is an integrated food company producing and marketing pork both domestically and internationally. Seaboard has processing facilities in Guymon, Oklahoma and a joint venture plant with Triumph Foods in Sioux City, Iowa, as well as further processing at its co-owned facilities with Triumph Foods, Daily’s Premium Meats. Seaboard Foods has over 5,400 employees and raises/markets more than 7.2 million market pigs a year. Their feed mills produce nearly 2 million tons of animal feed per year.

Sichuan Dekon

Sichuan Dekon Group was founded in 2014, and its main businesses include hog breeding, quality chicken breeding and food processing, with more than 120 subsidiaries and businesses in 12 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. The main operating mode of pig farming is “company+family farm”.


Techbank Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and went public in 2007. After 26 years of development, Techbank Food has integrated global resources, increased the value of the industry chain through technological innovation, and built a full industry chain model for agricultural and animal husbandry food from farm to dining tables. It now has multiple related business groups such as pig farming, food deep processing, supply chain, environmental protection and new energy, with more than 11,000 employees.


Next week is the World Pork Expo. We have been going from the beginning many long years ago. This coming week we will be at the Genesus tent and hope you drop by.

The Expo is an opportunity for the industry to meet and talk. It will be interesting to get a sense of attitude. Today we sense an industry at a crossroads, major losses for 18 months, and just now we have creeped over breakeven. We don’t sense optimism for our industry, most can see our product languishes price wise compared to beef (Pork cut-outs $1.00 lb., Beef $3.10 lb.). Hog futures currently reflect marginal profits the next twelve months. We sense no real optimism. It’s an industry going through the motions, we are marooned, going day to day, hoping for the best hope which isn’t exactly a business plan but it’s the nature of the pig producer gene is to be positive and hopeful. From what we observe the sow herd continues to shrink and there is next to no new sow barn construction. The infrastructure gets older and older. Maybe just like most of pig farm ownership.

We need a revolution to increase pork demand. We are positive by the new direction of the National Pork Board. Demand drives price. Flavor – Taste is the spear.

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