National Pork Industry Conference

This week the National Pork Industry Conference in Wisconsin has 950 attendees.  We were fortunate to speak.  Here are some of the text of our talk:

Genesus presentation at National Pork Industry Conference

Quick Facts

  • 90% of all Pigs in the world are not raised in USA-Canada
  • USA pork exports over 25% of production – #1 pork exporting country in the world
  • Canada pork exports – 50% of production – #2 pork exporting country in the world
  • 44% of all meat eaten in the world is pork.


  • Russia has about two million sows
  • Has basically stopped all Pork Imports
  • ASF-Europe,  Paylean- Canada & Brazil – renewed EU ban for 1 year
  • Rapid modernization ongoing – about 25% of production still back yard
  • The Russian Hog Price in some weeks recently 91 Rubles a kg 78.49¢US/lb – feed costs similar to USA – cost of production 50¢ USD/lb. liveweight
  • Disease major impediment to expansion – African Swine Fever creates real uneasiness for investors
  • Industry has varied production results
  • Industry ownership strong links to government  – border controls – leading to profits of $75 USD per head.
  • Farrow to Finish – no contract barns all capital $10,000 per sow – debt repayment 8 years Investment – 2,500 sows – $25 million USD
  • Genesus  has exports

                                                                                                             Genesus Nucleus farm in Russia


  • 1.3 billion people – half the worlds hog production
  • Rapid Industrialization of swine production as there is a transition from backyard and small farms to large modern farms
  • Hog Prices in China were $1.43 USD/lb. ($2.75/kg) a year ago. Currently 90¢ USD/lb.
  • Consumption has increased 400% to 40 kgs per person since 1990!
  • High Disease will limit productivity – Many farms at 14.98 pigs sold per sow per year. 2800 lbs. per sow per year.
  • Corn prices have gone down $10.50 U.S per bushel to $5.50
  • Europe has gained most of import market – equivalent to 5 million hogs +
  • New environmental laws force relocation of farms due to environmental up to 10% of national inventory

Genesus at Wens Group in China

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