On September 25th, 2019 Genesus in cooperation with Zoetis-Spain was pleased to host leading pork producers and friends from Spain.

Spain is the third largest hog production country in the world with over 50 million hogs processed per year. It was an honor for Genesus to host the Spanish producers to a day of presentations, visits to Genesus commercial farms followed by a reception and dinner, where Canadian producers and industry people also participated.

It was thought-provoking and rewarding to have in the same room representatives from both Canada and Spain allowing everyone to share firsthand experience and ideas that are an integral part of their sector and long-term competitiveness.

As a global company we continue to remark that everywhere we travel around the world we find that optimism and perseverance are two widespread traits for people present in the pork production industry.

We want to thank Zoetis-Spain for facilitating the visit and to thank all those present. We are grateful to have had the honor to host this event and are sure that such visits will increase cooperation between our industries in the years to come.

Companies visiting Canada: Vall Companys (210,000 sows), Piensos Costa (120,000 sows), IngaFood (85,000 sows), Juan Jiménez (77,000 sows), Cincaporc (45,000 sows), Guissona (34,000 sows) Leridana de Piensos (34,000 sows), Ars Alendi (30,000 sows), Coop Bellcaire (25,000 sows), Coop de Artesa (25,000 sows), Selecció Batallé (25,000 sows), Arpisa (18,000 sows), Cac de Vic (15,000 sows) Progatecsa (15,000 sows) Hermanos Chico (14,000 sows), GUCO (15,000), ANPROGAPOR (Association)

Right to left: Helena Echberg (Genesus); Javier Llamazares (Progatecsa); Jorge Costa (Piensos Costa); Jim Long (Genesus); Mercedes Vega (Genesus); Eduardo Costa (Piensos Costa) and Luis Pico (Vall Companys)

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