Last week we had the opportunity to visit with the Miratorg Company, the largest swine producer in Russia and a Genesus Customer.

 It is mind boggling what can be accomplished in less than a decade. Miratorg, seeing the opportunity to supply protein to meat deficient Russia, embarked on a mission to supply and produce meat on a large scale.

Quick Facts

  • Miratorg has 126, 000 sows (largest in Russia), new slaughtering and processing facility, distribution and retail marketing.
  • Miratorg has the world’s largest Aberdeen Angus herd with a breeding stock herd of 110,000.
  • Miratorg has an integrated Chicken operation with breeders, broiler farms, hatchery and processing plant.
  • Miratorg is the largest feed producer in Russia.  Total production capacity when the new fourth mill comes on line will be 1.46 million tons per year.
  • Miratorg is currently cropping and grazing about 600,000 acres.

Miratorg has a model to supply Pork, Beef and Chicken.  A one stop supplier.  A very ambitious and costly undertaking with investments of over 3 billion USD.

Miratorg people have scoured the world to find the best technology to build a world competitive company.  Genesus appreciates that we have been chosen to supply swine genetics.

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