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Genesus Duroc

Genesus is pleased to announce the expansion of our Registered Duroc Nucleus Production, as we continuously strive to improve our Research and Development programs on our sire line with enhanced focus on cost of gain, growth, carcass, and meat quality.

This also corresponds with the increased demand for our sire line that reflects the recognition of Genesus as a leader in meat quality and growth.

Duroc Genetic Improvement (DGI) nucleus, located near Lockport Manitoba, is an 800 sow farrow to finish unit that was specifically designed for Duroc production, including Fire Feeder room,  “hardening off” areas, show and probe area.

The Genesus DGI unit was built by Design Genetics Inc. an early market leader in Duroc production.

After Design Genetics was sold to Hypor, it operated as a production unit until Hypor sold the operation.

The DGI unit has been subsequently depopulated and repopulated with high health Genesus registered Durocs

Genesus has done weekly meat quality assessment, focused on our Durocs, since 1998. We have long felt that the pork industry needs to make a better product, a product that more people want to eat more often.

Genesus has the world’s largest registered purebred herd and is the leading exporter of swine genetics in North America. Currently, Genesus has 4000 duroc sows globally, making Genesus one of the largest, if not the largest, Duroc breeder in the world. 


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