Hong Fa Xiang will become a Genesus Nucleus herd

Genesus is pleased to announce that the company Hong Fa Xiang will become a Genesus Nucleus herd. The farm is established in the North East region of Inner Mongolia, prefecture of Hulunbuir. Hong Fa Xiang’s main office is in Hailar in that region. 


Hong Fa Xiang started as a family business 30 years ago selling feed and pork in local markets. Today it has grown to become a large cooperative with over 20 share holders. Hong Fa Xiang has two large feed mills, a seed equipment plant, a slaughter plant, catering business and investment companies in Hailar and Shanghai. 

Signing Ceremony – New Genesus Nucleus Farm in China officialised by  Mr. Yan, General Manager of Hong Fa Xiang (table – left) and Mike Van Schepdael, Vice-President, Genesus Inc. (table – right)


The Hong Fa Xiang nucleus will have 1200 Genesus purebred registered sows used for nucleus production. The state of the art, western-style farm features geothermal heating and cooling. 

Genesus has the world’s largest registered purebred herd and is the largest exporter of purebred swine in North America. The establishment of this nucleus herd again increases Genesus’ footprint in China, where we have been the largest importer in 3 of the past 5 years. The focus of Genesus on meat quality and highly prolific, high appetite females is very well suited for all markets and very well received in the developing Asian market.



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