On the 21st of December 2019, the first official supply contract of Genesus breeding stock to Ukraine was finalized with a delivery of 749 York gilts, 7 York boars and 6 Landrace boars to the isolation farm of “Agrarna Kompaniya 2004” located in the Chervoniy Kut village of Khmelnytskyi region.

Pigs all came from Genesus Genetic Nucleus in the UK, Bridge House Farm, located in Northamptonshire in the UK. After 21 day of quarantine in the UK, pigs were moved to the farm located in Bohdanivka village of Khmelnitskiy region where the first Ukrainian official Genesus multiplication unit will be opened.

The unit will produce pure Genesus York gilts and boars, as well as F1 gilts. At least 50% of the gilts will be used by “Agrarna Kompaniya 2004” as they plan an expansion of their own swine business (currently the customer has 4000 Danish sows that will be replaced by Genesus breeding stock).

The customer has different agricultural businesses (50,000 hectares* of farming land under long term lease, orchards with fruit storages and processing facilities, feed mill, swine units, dairy cattle farms, etc.) as well as a construction business.

*One hectare is approximately equal to 2.5 acres.

Until 4 years ago Genesus had no real presence in Europe or the countries of the ex-soviet Union. This new nucleus in Ukraine is a very exciting continuation of the rapid growth we are seeing. So far, Genesus has established nucleus herds in UK, Ireland, Germany, and Spain. In 2019 we exported pigs to Poland, Bulgaria, Africa, Belarus, and Armenia. These are all new markets for Genesus.

The European genetics business has been dominated by European genetic companies based in Denmark and Holland. The European market trend for many years weighted toward ultralean pork, which tends to be dry and tasteless. Breeders have focused on born alive per litter as a major genetic trait.

Canadian genetic company, Genesus, pays particular attention to producing tasty pork. Better taste and juiciness leads to consumers wanting to eat more pork more often. We believe taste and flavor are the ultimate enhancers of demand. Genesus’ breeding focus is a productive and robust sow that is easy to manage with a lower cost of production.

“Production cost in Canada is 25% to 30% lower than in Europe. The combination of easy to manage, lower cost and tasty meat has been the backbone of Genesus’ rapid growth in Europe”. 

Simon Grey, General Manager Russia, CIS and Europe.

For further information on the supply of Genesus breeding stock in Ukraine contact:

Yevgen Shatokhin

+380 (50) 444 2633 or


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