Genesus customers win for 2nd year in row, 4 of the top 5 in Lethbridge Alberta Carcass Competition.

Last week (Oct 9th, 2019) there was a Carcass Competition in Lethbridge Alberta. The carcasses were judged at Maple Leaf Foods – Lethbridge Plant. There were 21 entries from all the major genetic companies.

Genesus customers won again 4 of the top 5. For the second year in a row, 4 of the top 5 carcasses were from Full Program Genesus herds ( Genesus F1s crossed with Genesus Duroc Sire)

The Genesus winners are:

Winner Points Genetics
Rosedale AB 70 Genesus
Big Bend AB 70 Genesus
Elmspring AB 70 Genesus
Fairlane AB 70 Genesus

The criteria for judging consisted of 7 categories, with maximum of 10 points for each category: Index, Carcass Weight, Backfat, Loin Eye Size, Loin Eye Color, Belly, Loin Marbling.
We Congratulate the Winners!

Its very rewarding to see Genesus Carcass Quality Dominance. Genesus has been working relentlessly since 1998, to develop genetics that has top production and Carcass with excellent marbling to enhance the eating experience.
Genesus is the world Duroc of Choice.Competitions like the one in Lethbridge prove it.   

Photo Gallery:
Genesus representatives: Mike Van Schepdael, Vice President; Art Goelema, Western Sales Manger; Stewart Watson and Peter Hager, Western Sales alongside Pork Carcass Competition Winners.

Genesus team with Jake Waldner, Edward Hofer, from Rosedale Colony AB (right) and Steven Kleinsasser, Joe Waldner, Joel Kleinsasser from Big Bend Colony AB
Genesus team with Steven Waldner, Fairlane Colony AB
Genesus Team with David Wipf, Elmspring Colony AB

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