Genesus-Agro Anatoli Nekrasov-General Manager Nucleus farms and Boar Studs, Anna Belkina-Pig Production Director Agro-Belogorye, Larisa Kovaleva-Finance Director Agro-Belogorye Group of Companies, Vladimir Zotov-General Manager Agro-Belogorye Group of Companies, Jim Long-President & CEO Genesus Inc., Simon Grey-Genesus, John McIntosh-Genesus, Natalia Zarubina-Genesus   Agro-Belogorye Nucleus, Belgorod Russia and Genesus have concluded a contract for purebred breeding stock.   Genesus will supply purebred pigs to stock a new nucleus farm which is under the construction. In The farm is being built so that Genesus Duroc Sire Line can improve the quality of slaughter pigs produced.   This summer Agro-Belogorye staff visited Genesus nucleus facilities in Canada. Subsequently, Jim Long, President & CEO of Genesus visited Belgorod for an official contract signing ceremony.   In Agro-Belogorye main office the Genesus team was welcomed by Agro-Belogorye top managers. Agro-Belogorye General Manager Vladimir Zotov in his welcoming speech said that the company Director of Production Anna Belkina after visiting Genesus farms in Canada persuaded him to buy purebred Durocs from Genesus.   The contract was signed by GM of Agro-Belogorye Nucleus farm Anatoly Nekrasov. He said: “As of today Genesus produces the best purebred pigs in the world in terms of growth and meat quality. Genesus pigs are high health and fulfill very high health standards. We hope that the use of Genesus pigs will help us to improve such performance characteristics as weight gain, meat yield, marbling and meat taste”.   Agro-Belogorye currently has 67,000 sows in production with complete packing and processing capacity.   “We are honored that Agro-Belogorye chose Genesus to meet their nucleus needs. The global market for better tasting and flavorful pork is growing and the Genesus Duroc is leading the way in being the world’s number one choice for quality pork at a competitive cost of production” – Jim Long, President & CEO, Genesus  

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