Alexander Kovachevich Alexander Kovachevich Joins Genesus  As of the 15th of February 2016 Alexander Kovachevich has joined Genesus Genetics, as the General Manager for the China area. Alex has been working in China since 1997, in the agriculture business since 2004 and is fluent in Chinese, which he uses as a working language. He has been a General Manager for several large foreign companies in China including Big Dutchman and will now use his experience and knowledge to lead Genesus – the world’s largest producer of high health registered swine breeding stock to further growth in China. Genesus is the leading Global Exporter of Swine Genetics to China. Alex is looking forward to working for Genesus in these exciting times for the swine industry. You can only do one thing well and Alex believes that Genesus’ continued focus on working towards genetics with high reproductive capacity, rapid growth rate with feed efficiency, robustness and carcasses that are lean but with excellent eating qualities will be attributes that lead Genesus forward in China.    

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