Genesus-Cofco GENESUS—COFCO Co-operation Agreement   Beijing China—We are pleased to announce the signing of  an agreement between Cofco and Genesus for  Swine Genetic co-operation and sales. The Cofco-Genesus swine breeding stock import will the largest ever to China. Cofco is the largest Agri-business in China and one of the largest in the world.  Cofco’s asset base is $71.9 billion. The Pork division, at almost 200,000 sows is dynamically growing with more large scale swine production facilities being built with full packing and processing capabilities. Genesus is the largest producer of high health registered pure bred swine breeding stock in the world,  Genesus will be providing swine genetics, ongoing technology and genetic production expertise, focused on supplying Cofco’s own farms  and  Genesus genetics to other Chinese Swine Producers.  Genesus provided 36% of all Swine breeding stock imported to China in 2014. The co-operation agreement is the next step in a five-year relationship of which Cofco has been using Genesus Genetics. Photo: Signing Mike Van Schepdael, Vice President,  Genesus Inc and Dr. Shen Yunxiang, Vice General Manager of COFCO Meats Witnessed by: Guy Saint-Jacques, Canadian Ambassador to China, Dr. Bruce Archibald, Canadian Food Inspection Agency President, Mr. Ma Jianping, Vice President of COFCO, Mr. Xu Jianong, General Manager of COFCO Meats.  

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